Short Scar Breast Lift Or Reduction

Short Scar Breast Lift or Reduction

Short scar breast liftThe physical and psychological deterrent to breast lift or reduction has been the scars. Most women who have breast lift surgery in Virginia say that they would do it again, but many of those individuals agree that they would prefer having fewer scars on their breasts. A general trend in plastic surgery is to operate with shorter scars. This is especially true with breast surgery. The traditional incision for breast lift is made around the areola (the pink skin surrounding the nipple) and under the breast. The incision under the breast looks like an anchor going vertically from the nipple to the breast fold and extending in the fold of the breast. In the past several years more surgeons are attempting to limit the incision on the breasts. This has lead to a number of techniques for lifting or reducing the size of the breast with shorter scars than the traditional anchor incision.

Short scar breast lift incision diagram

The dotted lines on this patient’s breasts show the traditional anchor incision on the right breast (A), and the short scar (lollipop incision) on the left side (B).

As with any technique there are advantages and disadvantages to the short scar breast lift or reduction in Virginia. The obvious advantage is the partial or complete elimination of the breast fold incision. This incision usually is the most visible incision on the breast skin. The incision around the nipple is naturally camouflaged by the difference in areolar skin and breast skin color. The vertical component usually heals most favorably. Often with the passage of time this incision becomes almost imperceptible. The most disturbing incision has been the one under the breast. Therefore the elimination of the inframammary fold incision is a great advantage in the short scar mastopexy or reduction.

Another advantage of the short scar technique is that it produces a more projected breast. One of the problems with the traditional techniques of breast lift or reduction is that after a period of time the breast would ‘bottom out’ and appear somewhat flat as compared to an ideally shaped breast. With the short scar technique the breast base is reduced and thus a more conical and projected shape is achieved.  In other words the breast becomes more ‘perky’. Another major advantage of the short scar technique is that the risk of skin or nipple loss is reduced. This is due to the fact that reduction of breast tissue is removed in a way that is less likely to damage the vascularity of the skin or nipple. The disadvantage of the short scar technique is the greater likelihood of scar pleating and irregularity in the vertical skin incision. This is due to the fact that a larger area of skin excision must be closed in a much shorter scar. The pleating affect usually resolves itself after several weeks. In some cases a minor procedure is need to correct these irregularities. Most women do not mind going through a secondary scar revision in exchange for having a shorter scar on their breasts in the long run.

Short scar breast lift before and after

Another problem with short scar breast lifts or reductions is the distance between the nipple and the fold may be somewhat longer than normal. In such cases a short incision in the fold may be necessary to limit this distance. Not all women are good candidates short scar breast lift or reduction in Virginia. Those who have extremely large amount of skin or breast tissue may need to have the traditional anchor incision. As more surgeons use short scar techniques there will be improvements in the technique that will expand the indications of this operation.

In summary, the short scar breast lift or reduction is a valuable alternative for women who suffer from breast ptosis (sagging) or enlargement in Virginia. It has made this procedure a possibility in those who because of the large incisions associated with traditional techniques could not bring themselves to have this procedure. Until a scar less operation becomes possible the short scar breast lift or reduction is the best way to achieve a beautiful breast shape with the least amount of scarring.