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Patient Testimonials

My experience with Metropolitan Plastic Surgery exceeded my expectations. I was educated beforehand of all and any complications that could happen...

Rachel C.
Date: 2/18/2008

I thought everything here was outstanding. Dr. Marefat and his staff were very professional and courteous...

Regina C.
Date: 7/30/2007

I had a very good experience with Metropolitan Plastic Surgery. It is almost 10 years that I had the surgery...

Soadebeh C.
Date: 9/5/07

I have had plastic surgery done before and this is the most satisfying experience I have had so far....

Amina C.
Date: 6/14/05

My experience with Metropolitan Plastic Surgery has been wonderful. The staff is so helpful and personable and Dr. Marefat is so knowledgeable.....

Donna C.
Date: 2/4/03

I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. The whole procedure went smoothly from start to finish,....

Jamie M.
Date: 08/1/07

It was a great experience. My acne was gone in three months.....

Lihn N.
Date: 9/1/07

Dr. Marefat is a wonderful doctor. I especially love his artistic background - it lends an extra dimension to his....

Wendy M.
Date: 5/21/05

I think my surgery made a big improvement in my appearance. The surgery was exactly what I expected. My experience with Dr. Marefat's office...

Martha P.
Date: 4/16/04

I had breast augmentation surgery eight years ago ('96). I am and have always been 100% satisfied with my decision...

Wendy B.
Date: 5/28/04

I appreciated your honesty in what you felt would be best for my body, taking the time to explain what results you could obtain by the implants...

Elizabeth C.
Date: 3/15/04

The Metropolitian Plastic Surgery center provides exceptional service The staff are very knowledgeable and courteous. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of my surgery...

Bernice S.
Date: 7/22/04

My experience was great! I have no complaints to report. Everything was wonderful...

Eyra D.
Date: 1/19/05

I'm happy with all the surgery being done by Dr. Marefat. I'll highly recommend him to all my friends who may want it!...

Sze S.
Date: 5/1/07

The best procedure that I have done was fat grafting for dark circles. It has been over a year that I have not used any concealer...

Helleh S.
Date: 9/27/07

I was most happy that the anchor cut was eliminated. I believe the healing underneath would have been much more painful and longterm...

Lisa R.
Date: 4/12/06

I was extremely pleased with the staff at Dr. Marefat's office. They addressed all my concerns and put me at ease from the first day I met them...

Rebecca B.
Date: 9/9/04

Because of his personality and presence, Dr. Marefat put me at ease immediately. He is an outstanding surgeon and has surrounded himself with a knowledgeable and caring staff...

Seena F.
Date: 8/18/07

I have had a wonderful exprience. I came in nervous and a little scared, but the people here made me feel comfortable and answered all my...

Becky S.
Date: 11/27/07

I had a great experience. Dr. Marefat was friendly and very helpful...

Mandzep S.
Date: 1/13/05

The surgery was fine, I wish I had more done than I did. My outcome was magnificent...

Angela E.
Date: 7/21/04

I love this place, very nice, and sensitive to my needs. Dr. Marefat did a very good job on my body. I am very pleased...

Tammy A.
Date: 11/6/04

My experience was extremely positive here at Metropolitian Plastic Surgery. Dr. Marefat and staff were very warm, realistic, concerned and professional...

Susan S.
Date: 6/7/04

My experience was great. Dr. Marefat is an excellent surgeon, I would recommend him to everyone. Also, his staff is great!...

Valerie A.
Date: 8/8/07

I feel that Dr. Marefat and his staff are top shelf. I recommend him to everyone that I talk to regarding my surgery. I hand out his cards...

Catherine H.
Date: 11/05/07

I was very happy with the surgery. I am thinking to do a hair transplant. I was happy after the surgery...

Said K.
Date: 4/21/05

I was a little nervous about which plastic surgeon to choose for my breast augmentation, (in the beginning). I chose Dr. Marefat becuase he has...

Denise D.
Date: 3/15/04

Dr. Marefat listens to his patients cosmetic concerns first instead of telling you what he can do for you...

Linda B.
Date: 9/19/2007

My experience was great. Dr. Marefat takes the time to explain everything with you and make you feel comfortable...

Sandra S.
Date: 12/20/07

My experience with Dr. Marefat and my surgery couldn't have been more comfortable. He and his staff educated me with all the information I needed to know, answered all my questions...

Jennifer P.
Date: 3/16/04