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Facial Cosmetic Surgery
Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty $3500 (Normally $4000)
Otoplasty (Ear Repositioning) $3000 (Normally $3500)
Periorbital Fat Injection-$1750 (Normally $2000)

Breast Surgery
Breast Augmentation with Lift $5550 (Normally $6000)
Breast Reduction $6000 (Normally $6500)
Contour Fat Grafting of the Breast $3000 (Normally $4000)

Body Contouring
Circumferential Lipo-contouring of Thighs $4250 (Normally $5250)
Mini-Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck) $4750 (Normally $5250)
Ankle or Knee Contouring $3500 (Normally $3750)

Cosmetic Surgery for Men
Direct Excision or Lateral Browlift $2750 (Normally $3500)
Upper Eyelid Skin Excision with Volume restoration using Restylane $2500 (Normally $2750)
Vaser Neck Lipocontouring $2750 (Normally $3500)

Above surgery prices are for surgeons fee only. Operating room, anesthesia, and implants/garments fees apply to all procedures. The total cost of surgery varies according to facility, length of surgery, and type of implant/garment (if necessary). Please inquire about exact operating room, anesthesia, and implant/garment expenses. Offers Expire: 12/31/16