Brazilian Butt Lift

The Secret To A Sexy Bottom

Brazilizn butt lift

In the past several years the number of patients asking for buttock augmentation (also called the Brazilian Butt Lift) has increased dramatically. This increase in popularity is mainly due to the media and the internet. Brazilizn Butt Lift VirginiaThe sexy behinds of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez have aroused admiration in both men and women. Reality TV shows on plastic surgery have made many procedures common household names. The availability of information on the internet has also been an instrumental reason why people are asking for ways to look sexier and more beautiful.

The buttock is one of the main sexual features of the female body. A beautiful buttock enhances the attractiveness of the body. Several studies have shown that aesthetics of the buttock may have a scientific basis. One of the main features that affects the shape of the female torso is waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Wasit To Hip

RatioStudies have shown that the ideal relationship between the circumferences of the waist to the hip is 1: 1.4. In other words, the buttock should be 1.4x the circumference of the waist, or conversely the waist should be 0.7x the circumference of the hip. Women who have this waist-to-hip ratio are found to be universally attractive to men irrespective of ethnic or cultural background. Although people of different ethnic backgrounds share this ideal, there are minor variations of preference in the distribution of fat in buttock. For example some Caucasian women want a full or moderately large buttock with a lateral gluteal hollow. This area of relative depression in the lateral gulteal area gives an impression of having an athletic body.

Brazilizn butt lift diagram

Caucasian women do not like to have fat in the lateral thigh area. Most Latina women and some Caucasian women find it more attractive to have fullness in the lateral buttock area. However like Caucasian women, the Latina do not want fat in the lateral thigh. African American women want buttocks that are generally bigger, and like fullness both in the lateral buttock area and the lateral thigh. Asian women prefer a smaller but well proportioned buttock without fat in the lateral thigh or the lateral buttock.

Buttock augmentation is procedure that enhances the buttock and contours the waist and lower back to approximate this ideal relationship between the waist and the hip. The procedure is done by a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. The removal of fat from critical areas such as the small of the back, the hip area and the waist is as important as the placement of fat in the buttock. Micro fat grafting is injection of minute particles of fat in the buttock. This fat is primarily placed in the upper buttock where the point of projection is most desirable. However, the dispersion of the fat is not in a single area. Fat is deposited diffusely and in multiple layers. The idea is to create a full buttock with the point of highest protrusion being in the junction of the medial and central third of the upper buttock.

After surgery, the buttock will be larger and firmer. It will look more proportionate with the rest of your body. The lower back will be curved in and the buttock will have a nice outward tilt. The buttock fat graft should stay for a very long time. Some of the fat will go away, but the fat that remains is permanent and will fluctuate in size like the other fat cells of your body. The fat that is removed form the back will not return. This procedure is by most criteria permanent.

Brazilizn butt lift before and after

Recovery from this surgery is about 1 week. During this time you will have mild to moderate degree of discomfort, but this is easily controlled by pain medication. After the first two days you should be able to get around easily. Sutures come out in one week. The incisions are small and hardly visible. You can get back into your normal exercise routine after 3-4 weeks.

In summary, buttock augmentation and contouring are becoming very popular. The change in the waist-to-hip ratio achieved with this operation is one of the most dramatic physical changes that can be produced by a plastic surgeon on a woman's body. It makes you look more sexy and attractive and can give you a boost of self confidence both in and out of cloths.