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Wound Care Virginia

Patients with wounds of the face or body have significant disability and morbidity as a result of their problem. At times these problems may be minor and have only cosmetic implications. A doctor who is knowledgeable in the art of plastic surgery is the best physician to treat such cuts or lacerations resulting from accidents or falls. At other times, the wound may be so severe that it may pose a threat to life. Such wounds are treated with a variety of reconstructive techniques that may require specialized skill and knowledge. A plastic surgeon is trained to cover massive wounds of the body with muscle or skin flaps, protecting the body from invading bacteria and preserving the body's normal fluid and electrolyte balance.

How do I get started with Wound Care Virginia?

Dr. Marefat and the staff at Metropolitan Plastic Surgery would be happy to help you set up a private consultation to discuss treatment of wounds. Schedule an appointment online or call one of our locations, our Arlington, Virginia office at 703-516-7600 or our Woodbridge, Virginia office at 703-560-9583.

Are there financing options for Wound Care Virginia?

Dr. Marefat offers a number of financial assistance programs and payment programs to cover the cost of treatment of wounds in Virginia. Please visit the Patient Financing section of our website for more details or ask the staff at Metropolitan Plastic Surgery about these options so you can get started with treatment of wounds today.